About me

I will be your guide in Terracismo De Altura

I have always liked living in Madrid.. It´s a charming city that always surprises you.

The day I had to choose the theme of my blog, I consulted with many people. I had been thinking for some time about making a specialized guide on the rooftop terraces of Madrid because there was still nothing alike.

Finally, almost unintentionally, Terracismo de Altura was born at a brunch with friends. The idea of ​​this blog is to offer my personal experience in these wonderful terraces that give us a different perspective of Madrid.

Although this goes further because my challenge is to be able to offer you, not only Madrid’s rooftop terraces, but also those of the rest of Spain and the world. I’ll achieve it? Surely yes!

I offer you information about rooftops terraces and also about the history of the buildings that houses them. History is another of my great passions.

Would you like to go to the rooftops with me?

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