The coolest rooftop terraces in Madrid

Terracismo de Altura was born during a brunch with my friends, because we like to enjoy terraces and in that moment rooftops were already becoming fashionable in Madrid.

I did a lot of research before I started, and I realized that there was no website to find the coolest rooftops terraces in Madrid together to enjoy the Skyline of this city.

This is how Terracismo de Altura became a reality, to build a project with everything I like best: go to terraces, views, history and tourism in Madrid.

In Madrid… at the moment, because the rooftoping is practiced in all parts of the world and this project, although small and local, wants to become large and international

Welcome to my dream, rooftop lover! This is Terracismo de Altura.

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Atardecer en la terrazoa de Hotel Riu Plaza España

Do you want to see the coolest rooftop terraces in Madrid?

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